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Sources of Business Intelligence

This chapter will help you to obtain whatever Business Intelligence you require quickly. You may need this information for an variety of reasons, be it an overview of the UK Economy and its effects on business, to details of your competitors and their products. By using the following sources you will be able to get the information you need.

To enable you to quickly identify where to obtain the information you need, we have categorised Business Intelligence into three Information Sources and five broad Information Categories although there is often an overlap of these broad categories.

Information Sources:-

(1) Business Information Research Centres.
[Library] These organisations will do the research for you. They can provide information on any and all of the five Information Categories and post, fax and/or courier the intelligence to you often within 24 hours. They all have access to a wide variety of information sources, including national and international research publications, databases, CD-ROMs and press cuttings databases. Following your brief of what you require and when you need it, they will discuss with you the various sources they may use to get the information and give you an estimate of their fees.

(2) Business Libraries.
Public libraries where you can research any of the five Information Categories yourself free of charge except for the cost of using any on-line databases, CD-ROM's and photocopying.

(3) Main information suppliers, producers and publications.
Some of the main business intelligence publications, producers and or suppliers are mentioned for each Information Category; many of which will be available at the Business Information Research Centres and Business Libraries.

Information Categories:-

(A) UK Economy:-
Trends, forecasts and statistics relating to any aspects of the UK economy as a whole and individual industries within the UK.

(B) Market Sector Research and Information:-
Companies and organisations within a given market sector; ranking, forecasts and trends.

(C) Company Information:-
Financial information including credit ratings; market share; a company's products, owners and personnel; trade marks and patents; the production of mailing lists.

(D) Product Information:-
Producers, agents and distributors; patents, trade marks and product literature.

(E) Personal Information:-
Biographical information.

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