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Market Sector Research and Information

For information about companies and organisations within a given market sector; ranking, forecasts and trends.

Marketing Surveys Index

McCarthy CARDS

Key Note


Retail Business; Retail Trade Review; and Marketing in Europe

Market Research - Great Britain

Business Monitor

CBI Industrial Trends; CBI Regional Trends

Marketing Surveys Index, by
Marketing Strategies for Industry UK Ltd.
TEL: 01244 6841424

This index lists published market survey reports. From this, you can contact either the British Library, a Business Information Research Centre, or the publisher.

McCarthy CARDS, by
Financial Times Information Services
TEL: 01932 761444, FAX: 01932 781425

This is an index of market research information on industries and companies contained within the general and trade press.

Key Note, by Keynote Publications
TEL: 0208-783 0755

Keynote publishes reports on a wide range of industry sectors and markets; looking at industry structure; main market leaders; consumer profile; trends and future forecasts.

Mintel, by Mintel International Group
TEL: 0207-606 4533

Mintel publish market reports under five group headings plus Special reports covering subjects like British Lifestyles. The broad headings are:- Market Intelligence, which covers individual market sectors and looks at market size, trends and forecasts; Leisure, which looks at the leisure industry; Retail Intelligence; Personal Finance; and, New Product Development News.

Retail Business; Retail Trade Review; and
Marketing in Europe, by The Economist Intelligence Unit.
TEL: 0207-830 1000, FAX: 0207-491 2107

Retail Business, surveys all major consumer product markets in the UK; Retail Trade Review, looks at the UK retail industry. Both are detailed analyses including forecasts. Marketing in Europe, are detailed reports on a wide range of market sectors.

Market Research - Great Britain, by
Euromonitor plc.
TEL: 0207-251 8024, FAX: 0207-608 3149

Euromonitor reports look at a wide range of UK consumer market sectors, examining market size, company profiles and market trends.

Business Monitor series, by HMSO.
TEL: 0207-873 0011

These are a range of reports covering hundreds of products and industries. It is only available on subscription, and so to obtain them you will need to contact either a British Library or a Business Information Research Centre.

CBI Industrial Trends; CBI Regional Trends, by
The Confederation of British Industry (CBI).
TEL: 0207-379 7400, FAX: 0207-497 2596

Industrial Trends reports on the short term current and expected trends in UK manufacturing for 50 UK market sectors. Regional Trends looks at the industrial trends of 11 UK regions in detail.

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