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Hotels - Introduction

There is a tremendous choice of quality hotels in London. Most of these are in the western areas of central London; these being Mayfair, Westminster, Kensington and Knightsbridge. These districts are to the west of the City, which is where most banking and financial institutions are located. Wherever you stay in London you are never far away from an Underground train station which can quickly get you to any part of London, alternatively, London Black Taxis are numerous and good value; see the Taxis in London chapter for some phone numbers.

The hotels mentioned below are just a sample of the wonderful Hotels in London which offer 11 facilities which executives have told us they regard as important when choosing a Hotel. There are some wonderful and famous hotels in London which have not been mentioned which offer these facilities but space prevents us from including them.

All of the listed hotels offer the following:-

- Fax and Telex Services,
- Secretarial Services,
- Meeting and Conference Rooms,
- Audio-Visual Equipment for use in meetings and conferences (if they do not have what you need, they can hire it for you)
- Direct Dial Telephones,
- Photocopying facilities,
- Restaurant(s),
- Lounge(s) and/or Bar(s),
- Desk in the room,
- Laundry, Dry cleaning and Ironing Services,
- 24 hour room service.

In addition all of the hotels accept Access, American Express, EuroCard, MasterCard, Diners Club and Visa credit and charge cards.

All of the listed hotels offer a high standard of service and comfort. As regards price, they are listed in 3 price bands. The prices are for a single standard room with a private bath or shower and WC excluding Value Added Tax of 17.5%. (In certain circumstances it is possible to reclaim the VAT, see the chapter on Reclaiming VAT for details).

Use the London Guides' Hotel Finder to locate the exact hotel for your needs

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