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UK Economy

Trends, forecasts and statistics relating to any aspects of the UK economy as a whole and individual industries within the UK.

Country Report (Quarterly) - United Kingdom

Economic Situation Report (Monthly)

Economic Outlook (Monthly)

Annual Abstract of Statistics

Economic Trends

Country Report (Quarterly) - United Kingdom, by
The Economist Intelligence Unit.
TEL: 0207-830 1000, FAX: 0207-491 2107

This is a quarterly analysis of the UK's political and economic climate. Included is a summary of the recent political and economic events and a compilation of the latest economic indicators, including GDP, trade, consumer price inflation, unemployment, and forecasts for the next 12-18 months.

Economic Situation Report (Monthly), by
The Confederation of British Industry (CBI)
TEL: 0207-379 7400, FAX: 0207-497 2596

This report sets out the latest developments in the UK's economy. It includes details on the industrial trends, unemployment, retail sales, manufacturing, GDP, balance of payments and regular economic forecasts for up to two years ahead.

Economic Outlook (Monthly), by
The London Business School.
TEL: 0207-262 5050, FAX: 0207-724 7875.

This report contains projections for the UK's GDP, retail prices and unemployment for up to the next 3 years.

Annual Abstract of Statistics, by HMSO.
TEL: 0207-873 0011

This contains summaries of many of the Governments available statistics covering most aspects of the UK economy including, balance of payments, prices, population, employment and industrial production.

Economic Trends, by HMSO.
TEL: 0207-873 0011

This report outlines the major economic trends, with comparisons going back up to 5 years.

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