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Company Information

For financial information including credit ratings; market share; a company's products, owners and personnel; trade marks and patents; the production of mailing lists.


UK Top 10,000, by Dun & Bradstreet.
Contains financial and company details of leading UK companies.

Key British Enterprises, by Dun & Bradstreet.
Provides basic company information on 50,000 top UK companies, including sales, main market, financial, products and trade/brand name.

The Times 1000, by Times Books
Contains ranking for UK and overseas companies. Details such as profits, turnover, sales as well as the names of the CEO and/or Managing Directors are also included in some tables.

Kompass - Company Information,
by Reed Information Services.
Contains detailed company information on over 44,000 UK companies, including financial information, directors, products, parents and subsidiaries, and trade names.

Who Owns Whom, by Dun & Bradstreet.
Identifies over 6000 parent companies, their subsidiaries and associated companies as well as doing the same in reverse.

Hambro Company Guide, by
Hemmington Scott Publishing Ltd.

Provides details of 2,200 companies listed on the UK Stock Exchange, including, financial details, mergers and acquisitions, shareholders, directors and biographies of company executives.

Directory of Directors, by Reed Information Services.
Contains information on 15,000 major UK companies including, summary of up to 3 years accounts, directors, parent and subsidiary companies.

International Directory of Company Histories, by
St. James's Press.

Provides histories of many leading companies.

Crawfords directory of City Connections, by
The Economist Newspaper Ltd.

Identifies the lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers, financial public relations consultants and stockbrokers used by many leading UK companies. It also lists the major clients of these professional advisers.

McCarthy CARDS, by Financial Times Information Services
Tel: 01932 761444
Fax: 01932 781425
This is an index of market research information on industries and companies contained within the general and trade press.
Dun & Bradstreet International
Tel: 01494 422000
Fax: 01494 422260
Opening hours: 8.30-17.30 Mon-Fri.
Payment methods: visa Master Card American Express Diners
D & B have an extensive range of business information services which enable you to identify companies and receive detailed marketing and financial information about them. These services include:- D & B Comprehensive Report: this includes a credit rating; a maximum credit recommendation; payments trends; a comparison of the company against others in the market sector; a financial summary of turnover, profit, net worth; legal public notices, eg. court orders and judgements; bank details; biographies of the directors; financial information eg. profit and loss and balance sheet; financial performance ratios; corporate structure; its history; and press cuttings. DunsMarketing: D & B's database contains information on over 350,000 UK trading companies, and it is constantly updated. This service helps you identify, quantify and access target markets for direct mail, telephone sales and database marketing. There is a wide choice of selection criteria in order to clearly identify your target market and to pre-qualify them via the financial criteria you select. D & B Company Document Service: This service provides copies of publicly filed company documents, including:- company accounts, annual return, certificate of incorporation, memorandum & articles of association (which sets out the operations and principle objectives of the company); details of assets which are mortgaged, and to whom; and bankruptcy notices.
Financial Times; FT CITIFAX
Tel: 01985 217 446
Opening hours: 8.30-18.00 Mon-Fri
Payment methods: visa Master Card American Express
FT CITIFAX provides a detailed overview of UK listed companies (ie those traded on the Stock Exchange) including:- a report on the companies business activities; financial data; financial results; share price performance; the company's directors; and the latest three months press coverage.
Extel Financial Limited
Tel: 0207 825 8000
Fax: 0207 251 2725
Opening hours: 8.00-19.00 Mon-Fri
Payment methods: visa Master Card American Express
Extel have a range of company information services which their Information Centre will research and send to you either by fax or courier. They have a vast collection of information including annual reports on over 25,000 companies; company documents, press releases and cuttings, share prices and dividend information. 'Company Research', is just one of their services; this allows you to do in-depth research of the performance and structure of a company. In addition, you can do a search using a range of criteria to select target companies. Each report includes up to 5 years balance sheet and profit and loss accounts; cash flow statements; a breakdown of the business and geographical performance; background corporate details, ie contacts, registered office, etc,; notes to the accounts; performance ratios; chairman's statement; up to 3 years company news; and market performance (including share prices and P/E ratios).
London Chamber of Commerce, Commercial Database Service
Tel: 0207 203 1868
Fax: 0207 489 0391
Opening hours: 9.00-17.00 Mon-Fri
Payment methods: visa Master Card
LCC have access to over 200 databases and so are able to help you identify companies for marketing purposes as well as supplying detailed financial information on those companies, including company accounts and credit reports. In addition, LCC are able to help you identify the suppliers and manufacturers of many products. Charges
Companies House
Tel: 029 2038 0801
Address: 55-71 City Road, London, EC1Y 1BB show map
Nearest tube: Old Street
Opening hours: 9.00-17.00 Mon - Fri.
All UK incorporated companies must register at Companies House and file a range of documents; all of which can be inspected by the general public. (In addition all companies which are incorporated outside the UK which open a branch or place of business in the UK must register, however they are not subject to all the disclosure requirements). By carrying out a search at Companies House you will be able to get a microfiche (from which there are facilities for you to make paper photocopies) containing up to 3 years of filed documents, including; accounts (profit & loss and balance sheets); annual return (shareholders list, directors and company secretary list, registered office and share capital); memorandum & articles of association, which sets out the operations and principle objectives of the company; details of assets which are mortgaged and to whom; and notices of liquidation or receivership. The search will take up to two hours, however you can order a premium search which takes approximately 20 minutes and costs approximately

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