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Worship, Baptist - Jewish


Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church
TEL: 0207-240 0544
ADDRESS: 235 Shaftsbury Avenue, WC2.
TRAVEL: Tottenham Court Road


Buddhapadipa Temple
TEL: 0208-946 1357
ADDRESS: 14 Calonne Road, SW19.
TRAVEL: Wimbledon Park


Westminster Cathedral
TEL: 0207-798 9097
ADDRESS: Ashley Place, SW1, adjacent to Victoria Street, SW1.
TRAVEL: Victoria

Christian Scientist

Christian Science Eleventh Church
TEL: 0207-723 4572
ADDRESS: 1 Nutford Place, W1.
TRAVEL: Marble Arch

Church of England

St. Paul's Cathedral
TEL: 0207-246 8348
ADDRESS: St. Paul's Churchyard, EC4.
TRAVEL: St Paul's

Church of Scotland

Crown Court Church of Scotland
TEL: 0207-836 5643
ADDRESS: Russell Street, WC2.
TRAVEL: Covent Garden

Greek Orthodox

Greek Orthodox Church
TEL: 0207-609 7020
ADDRESS: Westbourne Road, N7.
TRAVEL: Caledonian Road


Temple Trust Religious Temple
TEL: 0208-340 8582
ADDRESS: 200a Archway Road, N6.
TRAVEL: Archway

Jehovah's Witnesses

The Kingdom Hall
TEL: 0207-792 0332
ADDRESS: 11 Monmouth Road, W2.
TRAVEL: Bayswater


United Synagogue
TEL: 0207-387 4300
ADDRESS: Woburn House, Upper Woburn Place, WC1.
TRAVEL: Euston

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