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Regent Street - St. James's Palace

Regent Street, SW1
Address: Regent Street, London, SW1
Nearest tube: Oxford Circus / Piccadilly Circus
Many high quality and famous shops are located here including Hamleys toy shop, Liberty and Mappin & Webb.
Roosevelt Memorial
Address: Grosvenor Square, London, W1
Nearest tube: Bond Street
A statue of Franklin D. Roosevelt by Reid Dick erected in 1948 is inside this six acre Mayfair garden.
Royal Academy of Arts
Tel: 0207 300 8000
Address: Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1
Nearest tube: Green Park / Piccadilly Circus
Major exhibitions are mounted here as well as some fine works of art in its permanent collection.
Science Museum
Tel: 0870 870 4868
Address: Exhibition Road, London, SW7
Nearest tube: South Kensington
The Museum examines the history of science and its application to industry, transport, and space travel. Visitors can interact with many of the displays.
Tel: 0207 629 1234
Address: 400 Oxford Street, London, W1
Nearest tube: Bond Street / Marble Arch
One of London's leading department stores with everything including a wide choice of cloths, linen, china, glass and silverware.
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and Exhibition
Tel: 0207 902 1500
Address: New Globe Walk,Bankside, London, SE1
Nearest tube: London Bridge / Mansion House
The exciting new
Sherlock Holmes Museum
Tel: 0207 935 8866
Address: 221b Baker Street, London, NE1
Nearest tube: Baker Street
Sherlock Holmes' residence and personal possessions are carefully displayed.
Sloane Street, SW1
Address: Sloane Street, London, SW1
Nearest tube: Knightsbridge
Quality shops offering men's and women's fashion and jewellery stores can be found here including Jaeger, Christian Dior and Cartier.
Speaker's Corner
Address: Hyde Park, London, W1
Nearest tube: Marble Arch
The general public air their views on any subject that interests them to anyone who happens to be passing.
St Paul's Cathedral
Tel: 0207 236 4128
Address: St. Paul's Churchyard, London, EC4
Nearest tube: St. Pauls
This grand Cathedral was designed by Wren and completed in 1710. Lord Nelson's and the Duke of Wellington's tombs are here.
St. George's, Hanover Square, W1
Tel: 0207 629 0874
Address: 2a Mill Street, London, W1
Nearest tube: Oxford Circus
A classical church by John James built between 1721-4, contains the original of the "Last Supper" by J. Price. A popular church for society weddings.
St. James's Palace
Address: Pall Mall, London, SW1
Nearest tube: Green Park
uilt by Henry VIII with many later additions, and still officially a Royal residence; overseas Ambassadors are still accredited to the court of St. James's. The Queen Mother resided at Clarence House next door. Entry is permitted to the courtyards only.

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