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Bus Tours

BlackTaxi Tours of London
Tel: 0207 289 4371
Originators of unique London sightseeing tours in licensed taxi cabs.Commentary from knowledgeable specially trained London cabbies. Comprehensive two-hour day and night tours.Pick up and return to hotel.
London Pride Sightseeting Tour
Tel: 0207 520 2050
The Original London Sightseeing Tour
Tel: 0208 877 1722
Sightseeing tours on a traditional London double-decker bus (open top in the summer). There is the choice of taped commentaries in 8 languages or live commentary in English. Tours last approximately one and a half hours, or you can select their London Plus ticket which enables you to get off the bus and get back on later buses as often as you wish. Contact the bus operator for current departure points.

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