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Banks & Banking Services

Business Services

All of the below UK banks (and some non-UK banks) offer business banking services including currency exchange, money transmission, letters of credit, bills of exchange and foreign currency accounts. Such services are often provided by selected branches only. Contact the head office of the banks (details below) to find the location of the nearest branch that offers the services that interest you.

Exchanging Currency, Travellers Cheques etc.

You can exchange currencies, travellers cheques, euro-cheques, personal cheques, obtain credit card cash advances and money transfers from any branch of the UK's major four Banks (ie Barclays, Lloyds, Midland and National Westminster Bank) as well as from most Bureaux de Change companies most of which are located in central London. You will find a branch of at least one of the major four Banks on almost every main street in the UK.

Exchange and commission rates tend to be more favourable at the Banks, however the Bureaux de Change companies tend to have longer opening hours and some are open 7 days a week.

Some London branches of non-UK banks also offer a wide range of banking services including exchanging currencies and offer long opening hours.

To find the nearest Bank to you, you can telephone either the head office of one of the Banks (details given above) or contact Telephone Directories on 192.

To find the nearest branch of the following Bureaux de Change companies call:-

Exchange International.
TEL: 0207 723 7960

Money Corporation,The
TEL: 0207 823 7000

Thomas Cook.
TEL: 0207 6226 3601

The following Thomas Cook Bureaux de Changes have extended opening hours:-

Heathrow Airport Arrivals, and at Terminal 4.
TRAVEL: Heathrow Airport.
OPEN: 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Victoria Station.
TEL: 0207 302 8660
TRAVEL: Victoria.
OPEN: 7.45-22.00, 7 days a week.

British Currency

Pound Sterling "

Barclays Bank plc.
Tel: 0207 699 5000
Address: 54 Lombard St, London, EC3N 4HL show map
Lloyds TSB Bank plc
Tel: 0207 797 2203
Address: 4 Copthall Av, London, EC2
Tel: 0207 800 5000
Address: 27 Poultry, London, EC2P 2BX show map
National Westminster Bank plc
Tel: 0207 726 1000
Address: 41 Lothbury, London, EC2P 2BP show map

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